We will use our mathematical literacy teachers network to help everybody keep up to date on the latest developments in Mathematical literacy (ML), debate and discuss issues, share resources, blog about and discuss “How I teach”, keep track of curriculum document and discuss textbooks.

This group is private (only for South African maths literacy teachers) so that we can feel free to discuss resources, tests and exams in a focused environment focused on what is happening in our local context.

As a member you will be able to invite other members who you feel will be able to add value to our maths lit community of practice. Any ML teachers, ML publishers, teacher supporters, student teachers, ML material developers are welcome to join. Our main focus here will be on the learning and teaching of maths literacy!!!

Join the community (if you fall into the above categories)

If you are a student teacher at a tersiery institution, studying to be a mathsliteracy teachers, please ask your lecturer for a letter on official stationary stating that you are a student teacher with the faculty and fax it along with your e-mail address to 0866633362 so that we can send you an invite.

If you are an extra lesson teacher/tutor, please also read and comment on this post:

5 Responses to “Teachers”

  1. Alfonso Says:

    Hi All

    I am looking for the OAER qp’s for 2009.


  2. Sonja Nel Says:

    Hi Alfonso
    I have no idea who set that paper. You can contact a CVO school in your region and ask them to send it to you.

  3. Rashid Says:

    My child is been given a homework with no guidelines and it is a pryamid numbers he must fill in the open blocks on those pyramids can someone advise me

  4. sabeeha Says:

    what resources did the department give ull for the june exams

  5. Gama Muzi Says:

    I will like to have access to the online lesson plans off mathematical literacy

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