I found the following free website which one can use if you have the luxury of a data projector, internet connection and/or an interactive white board. If you do not have those privelages, you can still visit the site and see what it offers. (http://www.mathapprentice.com/)

Math Apprentice is a new free website, meant to show students how math is used in real world. In the game, you are like an apprentice at various companies, applying your math skills to challenges similar to those encountered in the real world and real companies.

To begin, you click the button on the home page of the site that says “Explore the Math”. Then choose your character, and you’ll be on the main street (see screenshot above) . Then use arrow keys to move right or left, and click to select a company to visit.

The companies you can visit are:

Sweet Treat Cafe – baking pies
Wheelworks – constructing bicycles and exploring gear ratios
Game Pro! – keep track of the distance between superhero and the villain in a computer game, using Pythagorean Theorem
Spacelogic – study speed of a spacecraft & slope, and then angle & distance commands to get the space rover where it needs go.
Trigon Studios – Explore the usage of sine and cosine functions to create rhytmic or repeating motion of animated objects.
Doodles – explore polar curves created with sine and cosine. These can be like stars, flowers, or spirals.
Builders, Inc. – calculate areas and perimeters of shapes
Adventure Rides – study the angle of elevation and height of a roller coaster


  • Maths in Work- videos clips to help students appreciate not only the relevance of mathematics but its importance in every day life

    Maths in Work has been designed to offer glimpses of the real world of work via video clips, to help students appreciate not only the relevance of mathematics but its importance in every day life. The clips feature the people who are actually ‘doing the job’ and explain some of the maths processes that they are involved with on a daily basis. There is a brief synopsis of each clip which identifies the maths topics covered, and all clips end with the simple question, “What mathematics would be involved in the work you have just watched?” The teacher is free to approach the viewing in whatever way seems appropriate to his/her circumstances.

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  • Money money money

    This lesson focuses on money as something you either own or owe. The lesson is organised around the context of earning an income and includes the principal message that good money management can create security and help a person work towards their future dreams. By the end of this lesson, learners will know/be able to:

    • discuss the role of money in their dream/plan for the future;
    • understand that money can be owned (+) or owed (-);
    • discuss ways of generating an income;
    • calculate basic percentages.

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