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Resources from around the web:

Grade 12:

Where can you find more exam papers? Have a look here…

Exam tips:

Homework help:

If you would like to ask for help with your exams/ homework/projects/assigments, please feel free to ask DR maths on MXit for assistance! The helpful Dr Maths team are there for you from about 2pm till late (even weekends as well). They will, of course, not do your homewrok for you, but will guide you through difficult patches and get you going if you get stuck.

Just add Dr Maths as a Mxit contact: 27799923960 thru 27799923969

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Mathematical literacy is a great subject as it can help me to….

Excellent study guides and exam preparation booklets can be ordered from:



5 Responses to “Learners”

  1. vinecia arendse Says:

    Good day! Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a grade 3 teacher in the Delft area, I am looking for mathematics exersixes ( additional) on phrasing mental maths questions, different ways of phrasing addtion subtractrion multiplicayion and divition sums. Ways learners would expect to answer in systemic paper. Our school bought the number sence series from you. Thanking you. Vinecia Arendse

  2. sibonelo Says:

    hy please help me about ,learning and understand .I’m lazy mind taker

  3. ina Says:

    Hi, I am trying to help out a friend. He is wood worker, but does not have trade qaulification. He wants to get that, but a requirement is that he should have passed a math literacy test. I am trying to gind out where are centres to write that exam, or how he can get that certificate. Any info would be appreciated

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