Help is at hand right on your cellphone with Dr Maths on Mxit!

By setting up Mxit on your cellphone, you can have instant access to the Dr maths team.

This free South African service has grown by word of mouth to more than 2000 learners country wide! and the popularity of this maths helpdesk speaks for itself.

The team at Dr Maths are friendly, professional, helpful and very knowledgeable! They have been trained not to just provide answers, but to guide the learners through the meaning making process.  They also have introduced a maths game which can be played when the team is not online when there are no tutors on. The learners can then compete in different categories, like addition, subtraction, factorials and others, to see who can get then highest score. The champion and the previous champion are notified to defend their title. Positive peer pressure at work!

So how does it all work?

First off, you need to install Mxit on your cellphone and/or computer. For more instructions on how to do this….

  • Give your cellphone to a member of the thumbtribe (the closest teenager around) and tell them to set it up (Quickest and easiest method)
  • Or you can follow the instructions from the Mxit website
  • Add Dr maths as one of your contacts 27799923960 thru 27799923969
  • When they come online, you will hear a little sound and there will be a green dot next to their name
  • Then go ahead and ask away!
  • The Dr Maths team is online after school hours i.e. Mondays to Thursdays 2pm-10pm and Sundays between 11am and 8pm. They are even considering extending the service to Saturdays as well. How amazing!

A few more articles regarding DR Maths on Mxit:

4 Responses to “Dr Maths”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Are you worried about your learners and kids progress during the strike action? Don’t fear, remember Dr Maths is on duty every afternoon till late at night and guess what? as from tomorrow, Dr Maths will be able to give maths assistance to all our Tswana speaking learners as well!!!

    Meraka is launching their Tswana speaking maths support Mxit service as “Dr Dipalo” and you can either speak to the senior maths mentors Dr Dipalo (Monnye) by adding 0735450044 to your Mxit service or to the junior Dr Dipolo (Motona) (up to grades 9) on 0783374513.

    So there you have it! Maths in Tswana on Mxit!!!

    I am sure all the “good” teachers who are participating in the strike, would have given their learners plenty of work to go through. Now they will also have on-cell free and great maths and mathslit help to get them through all this!

    Well done to Laurie and her team who are always there for our learners on Mxit!!

  2. Johan la Grange Says:

    I’m looking for the answers to the N3 April 2009 Mathematics paper as I’m struggling with this paper.

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  4. Katleho Says:

    I’m doing my matric this year I really need help with my maths Literacy.

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