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This guide has been developed by Arnout Brombacher for the Department of education. It deals with the basic skills for mathematical literacy and deals with LO1, LO2 and LO3 (Numbers, Patterns and Relationships, Space, Shape and Orientation) It also comes with detailed solutions for all the activities.


As I have had a lot of parents phoning or e-mailing me to ask me for papers, I have been working hard to collect and collate publicly available papers for our learners (and teachers)  from acrross the local internet realm. I have tried to extract and order it into folders and will be dropping in more resources as I find them or as they are being shared. So head on over to your Learner Page and get practicing…. (but remember- maths literacy is about UNDERSTANDING how we can use maths in our everyday lives)

All papers shared by teachers within our teachers maths literacy community of practice will only be accessable to the teachers within the community. I ask that all the teachers go and critique the papers and give feedback. I will also link the public papers to discussion forum threads for us to get talking…..

calcu1It is a well established fact that we learn far more easier when involved in a fun and playful way! If we look at the massive popularity games like soduku have achieved we need to take some time out for our learners to engage in  fun games that will also teach them to efforlessly do basic maths calculations with some logic thrown in.

calcu2One of these games are Calcudoku. “CalcuDoku are math based puzzles coupled with logic. Unlike other logic puzzles, CalcuDoku uses addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in ways which are deeper and more gratifying than anyone can imagine.”

Each puzzle consists of a grid containing blocks surrounded by bold lines. The object is to fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to N (where N is the number of rows or columns in the grid) appear exactly once in each row and column and the numbers in each block produce the result of the math operation shown in the top-left corner of the block. In CalcuDoku a number may be used more than once in the same block. To see how it works, try out the interactive tutorial here…or add the widget to your blog where you can play an Calcuduko which gets updated regularly.

To see how Mathematical literacy can help you save more money…..watch the video!