November 2011

One of the things that ML teachers often complain about is the negative perception that “everybody” have about Mathematical Literacy (ML). Jonathan Jansen’s derogatory press statements has not helped either. Some of us have been trying hard to change these negative perceptions but I have not once seen a positive report about Mathematical literacy in the media.  See some of the articles (have also included some journal articles here. (click on link)

A journalist of the Huisgenoot/You have asked me to give input and give our side of the story for an upcoming article on the ML/Maths debate. As our little community has grown to almost 1000 members I feel it is time to give something back and express how you feel about mathematical literacy, the struggles and the successes you have had. Please, now is the time to let your voice be heard.

Note from Kim: “Please note that we have to present a balanced article so you may not like everything we say, but I do want to include both sides of the story.” 

Lets hope for the best. If we do not speak up, we must not complain about negative publicity for ML. Here are the questions that Kim send to me for your to respond to. Feel free to add your your own opinions. If you want to remain anonymous, you can send it to me via e-mail ( or you can just respond in the comment section on the community here:, or complete a fill-in form here: 

Other community stuff:

Johan has uploaded a gr 10 Caps workshedule and have been playing with wordclouds and has also morphed into a complete mathslit edutwit. The mathslit DBE papers have been uploaded and quite a few people have left comments, go and add your own. Sarah has already uploaded her gr 11 November papers and I am challenging all of you to do the same! How about clearing out all your papers and uploading it before the start of the new year? Thank you to everybody who make the time to share!


I have created a dropbox cloud folder where sharers can quickly save and share their mathslit resources on the fly. For those of you who have not used dropbox before, it is a way to share files without actively uploading them. It is a little piece of software that you install on your computer which create a folder on your computer. Everything you save into that folder automatically upload to the cloud folder (you get 2GB free space) from where it auto-magically update on everybody’s (who are part of the shared folder) computers.See my how-to document here.

As a way to encourage sharing and community involvement, we have decided to extend dropbox  folder access to the following “Golden” people:

  • Those who have shared at least 4 resources in the community. AND
  • Those who have made the trouble to give feedback to others who have uploaded resources (and I am not talking about quick thank-you’s but constructive feedback) (at least 4 comments) AND
  • Those who have started a discussion topic or blog on any mathslit topic.


If you fall into this category, please let me know so that I can add you. I am busy going through all the members (almost 1000 of us now) to check who qualify for “Gold membership”. If all of us just share 1 resource a month, just think about what an amazing database of valuable resources we will have! I will schedule a webinar early next year so that we can talk about how we will manage the resources in this community next year in a fair, free and equitable way.

Twitter un-workshop

Our twitter unworkshop have a  few #mathslit teachers as you can notice from our healthy twitter stream on the community and twitter (see here!/search/%23mathslit). But we still need lots more of you if we want to see the value of #mathslit twittering!  You are still welcome to come in and join in the learning fun. The online workshop is on till the end of January and if you complete all the activities (easy and quick and at your own pace) you will receive an endorsed certificate of completion stating that you are an edu-twit. Something to strive for. To become part of it follow the instructions here:

Thank you to our sponsor

Last but not least I would like to to extend a warm thank you to Ken and Wally from Casio for seeing the importance of sponsoring a voluntary teachers professional community like ours as well as online professional development in the form of informal workshops. I thank you dearly! It would be great if all of you could go and leave a message on their facebook page (or just like their page) here:


Posted from Diigo. The rest of Mathsliteracy Teachers resources group favorite links are here.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Mathsliteracy Teachers resources group favorite links are here.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of Mathsliteracy Teachers resources group favorite links are here.