A message to all members of Maths Literacy Teacher’s Network

Hi everybody,

I am very excited to announce that CASIO has agreed to sponsor our community. As you know the platform (NING) that we use to host our community has gone paid about 2 years ago and my finances has taken some strain keeping it going. As I feel that this is a great platform and as I do not want to move our community around the place all the time, I am really grateful to them for helping us out. I do solemly promise that this community will always be free to use as too many people have invested too many incredible resources and discussions. I am also totally devoted to OER (open educational resources)

This also means that I will be spending more time dedicated to facilitating this community, organising resources and making it a more user friendly environment for all. We will be taking it to the next level of sharing and caring and I am inviting all of you to become more involved. We will also be exploring more efficient ways of sharing resources, helping members to learn how to use the tools on this platform as well as connecting it to other social media tools that will make keeping track of things a bit easier. For this purpose I have created a new Facebook group for us so that you can follow what is happening in your facebook stream here http://on.fb.me/mathslit Please go and Like the page to get going. Our twitter feed has been going for some time already and can be found here: www.twitter.com/mathslitteacher. If you are already using twitter to share web resources, please include the hashtag #mathslit anywhere in your tweet.

On the professional development arena we will be doing some online webinars on various aspects of the new CAPS and I will also be focussing on how to use new technologies (twitter, podcasts, videocasts, facebook google+ to name but a few) in the maths literacy classroom to liven things up even more.

Maths literacy workshop in Cape Town

To get the ball rolling, I will be faciliating face to face un-workshops around the country (I am still trying to raise funding for that so if your school is prepared to host me and get me there I will be grateful). The good news is that we are kicking off with a Face to Face un-workshop in Capetown scheduled for next Tuesday (4th of October) during the government school holidays at Johan’s school (Goodwood College, Paul Kruger Avenue Ruyterwacht Cape Town) from 9o’clock to 3 o’clock. Our community has amazing sharers in the Capetown area and I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

The un-workshop will be informal and I am asking that you bring a R50 donation towards disks and future workshops and a packed lunch 2 share and a juice. It will also be a great idea if you bring your laptop, dongle and cellphone along so that we can set up quicksharing capabilities on your computer and cellphone. For those who do not have laptops (yet), there will be computers with internet access available.

So basically we will:

  • Share resources the old way (please bring stuff on flashdrives/disks/paper)
  • Share stuff the new way (We will set up automatic filesharing on our computers, cellphones)
  • Learn about the various ways of keeping track of resources on a personal level
  • Learn how to use online webinar tools in order to participate in future PD webinars
  • Learn how to use Facebook and twitter in a mathematical literacy context
  • Get to know our PLN (Personal Learning Community)
  • Submit items to the Mathsliteracy assessment bank at www.Fullmarks.org.za (please bring 1 question that you are prepared to share for public consumption)
  • Evaluate the way forward- what need to change and how it should change….
  • Talk about the new maths lit CAPS

All those attending will receive a free disk with some of the material that we have harvested as well as my Social media learning object (an interactive self learning tutorial).

In order for us to know how many people will be joining us face to face, please go and RSVP here: http://mathsliteracy.ning.com/xn/detail/2009568:Event:31063 or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=156848011071413

For those of you who cannot make it, we will be keeping you up to date with our twitter stream- so just go to the community and follow the twitter stream which will be posted on the front page.