December 2009

Hi all maths-litters!!

I cannot believe that it is the end of the year already…and time to wish everybody a blessed Christmas (if you celebrate Christmas) but also a good rest and a very happy new year!

I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank everybody who has, this year, so selflessly shared their resources and also those who have remembered to upload current documents and provincial/IEB papers and memos for us to get our heads around! A special thanks to Johan who has been carrying the community as co-facilitator. And all the lurkers- I know that next year you will be taking the big step into becoming contributors of note!

But seeing that you are now resting with loads of time on your hands 😉  I am hoping that you will have some energy to explore some end of year threads to conclude the year with!

Alwyn has uploaded a paper up for review for the AMESA congress next year (are you coming!!!) . The topic touches on: “Where is the reasoning and the problem solving” in last years exam paper. The most questions and issues this year in our community have centred around- what makes a level 1-4 question and how to set the difficulty level. Well this paper explores this predicament in detail. Please go and read it and more important, go and comment. It would be interesting to link this paper to the exam papers that our learners wrote this year.

Some of the end of year threads  and downloads are…

  • Programme of Assessment for Mathematical Literacy and Work Schedules for 2010 (WCED- where are the other provinces programmes?)
  • How many cyclists does it take to power a hairdryer? (A lesson plan idea)
  • Guide: Basic Skills for Mathematical Literacy (Resource)
  • Numeracy: Crucial to Your Health
  • Quite a few end 2009 exam papers for the various grades has been uploaded
  • Various interesting websites and links have also been shared.
  • Lots more…

Our poll on whether tutors or extra lesson teachers should be allowed membership to our community of practice is tentatively showing that you do not want that. But then only 21/500+ members have voted…. Also another scary trend is that 53% of maths lit teachers in our community feels that standard grade maths should be brought back. Really scary for me…. 😦

So go and spend some time downloading papers, leave some comments and don’t forget to upload your end of year papers and memos as well. And please don’t forget to leave some Christmas wishes on our Christmas wishes thread here:

Warm ML greetings


(PS if you anywhere near Hogsback, please pop in and say hallo)


Something on a lighter note for the holidays….

This guide has been developed by Arnout Brombacher for the Department of education. It deals with the basic skills for mathematical literacy and deals with LO1, LO2 and LO3 (Numbers, Patterns and Relationships, Space, Shape and Orientation) It also comes with detailed solutions for all the activities.

View this document on Scribd