In my efforts to get more teachers (especially maths and lit teachers) to blog, twitter and embrace 21st century learning tools, I am having a free ONLINE (jip you can do it from anywhere provided you have internet access) un-workshop during the whole of August.

For more info and to register (20 people max) go here

For reasons and examples on why you should be dabbling with social media tools in the classroom, see my Amesa conference slideshare here: (Ps you can download it from there as well and go through it like a tutorial)

The aim of the workshop is for teachers to create and maintain a
focussed blog while supporting one another using twitter. We
will use twitter as our main communication channel and explore how
it can help us to do advocacy for our blog, get quick ideas and
discover the learning magic! This way we should be able to get into
the habit of “blog-twitting” and also explore how we can use it in
all aspects of our lifes, organisations,schools. The blog can be a
personal blog, school blog, class blog or a organisational blog! I
will endeavour to facilitate your journey through little steps in a
supported way, helping you over the nitty gritty little thingies of
blogging, widgets, gadgets and twittering. Hopefully we will evolve
as strong learning partners with functional blogs!! The first week
will be dedicated to twitter-ing and getting comfortable with the
notion of blogging.

Too much????!!!!

Level: Beginner blogger/twit

Skills needed: Basic computer skills (you can type (even if it
is with 1 finger) e-mail, cut and paste and navigate your way
around the internet!

Important skill: Perserverence and a longing to learn and
have fun!

Number of participants: 20 max

Cost:Free online

Tools to use: Twitter, WordPress/edublogs, various other
widgets form photosharing sites, polls, google docs….

To make a commitment and register for this workshop, go and complete the form here: