The Mathematical Literacy research thrusmarangt of the MARANG Centre is pleased to invite you to their first research seminar for 2009 entitled:

Developing mathematical thinking by integrating it into all mathematical work
Presenter: Professor Anne Watson

Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 15.00 – 17.00
Venue: M76
RSVP: Samantha Govender
011 717 3414

During the seminar presentation on Tuesday 26th May Professor Anne Watson from Oxford University in the UK will share details of some of her experiences of working with low attainers in mathematics. Her focus in this work has been on ways of moving beyond the negativity, low self-confidence and historical poor performance of these learners, to finding means to support their mathematical re-engagement. Professor Watson’s seminar will focus on the following:

I assume that the ability to deal with quantity and shape in everyday life depends in part on replacing the confidence which is often lost by failure to learn school mathematics. In this session I will give examples of tasks in school mathematics which draw on, and enhance, students’ thinking. The approaches I shall present make it more likely that students will feel better about mathematics, and at the same time promote confidence in dealing with outside mathematical situations.

The seminar and workshop are aimed at both mathematics and mathematical literacy teachers who are interested in enhancing the work they do with lower attaining learners, and will also be relevant to teacher educators and mathematics education researchers interested in the directions being taken in schools with the implementation of the new FET programme in which all learners now have to take either Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.